A little something about me …

Well, a few years ago I wasn’t much of a traveler. I always thought that travelling is expensive and one must sacrifice a lot in order to afford it. It was only after I started my master degree abroad, in Amsterdam that I realized how many beautiful places there are to discover.

It all started with a day trip to Koln, Germany and another one to Ghent, Belgium and so the travel bug got me. In the next year I’ve seen almost all the Netherlands, Bruges, Hamburg, Prague, Karlovy Vary and Rome. Whenever I got a few free days I searched for cheap flights and accommodation. It didn’t matter the location, I wanted to go anywhere!

That being said, in the past 2 years I’ve been to 16 countries around Europe. One thing I’ve noticed is that the more you travel, the more you realize how little you have seen. I don’t even finish a trip that I think about the next one. This is the moment when you realize there is no escape: once you’ve got the travel bug, it never goes away! 

This blog is …

A journal of my travels and a source of inspiration for fellow travelers (at least I hope so 🙂 ). I know how hard it is to plan a trip. It takes a lot of time to research all the possible tourist attraction and decide which ones you want to see. I hope this blog will come in handy when thinking about this.

When I go to a new destination and I only have a couple of days to see it, I visit all the tourist attractions even if this means to walk 25km per day. I know, it sounds crazy but I always think that maybe I won’t have the opportunity to return to that place so I must see every corner, every statue, every fountain and every building.

That being said, I hope you will enjoy my stories, learn from my mistakes and see more than I saw. May the travel bug bite you! 😉



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